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Lewis & Wilkins - Work Injury FormOur attorneys provide experienced, reliable, and skillful representation to businesses throughout Indiana. Our worker’s compensation lawyers are seasoned and versed in the legal procedures and applicable law that governs the responsibilities and rights of employers and their employees in Indiana workers compensation cases.

Our workers compensation practice, led by Stephen M. Koers, has established a strong reputation for providing effective representation.

Unfortunately, companies may not consider the ramifications or requirements of Indiana’s Worker’s Compensation Act until it is too late and an injury has occurred. Upon facing a workers compensation claim, our clients seek guidance and counsel on achieving the best result possible. Out attorneys focus their efforts on a rapid claim resolution, when feasible, and client-focused settlements.

Retaining an early resolution of a worker’s compensation claim is not always possible. In these situations, our lawyers work with companies to obtain favorable results through hearings before the governing board and, if necessary, higher courts.

Our workers compensation defense lawyers, led by Stephen M. Koers, have successfully defended cases at the trial court level and before the Worker’s Compensation Board. Above all else, our lawyers are driven to meet clients’ specific needs and goals. Our lawyers work to keep represented companies informed at each stage of the workers compensation process.

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