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Business Services

Indianapolis Business Legal ServicesOur business services attorneys have the background and skill to assist companies, management, and employees weigh risks that are faced in the modern economy.

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Estate Planning

Lewis & Wilkins - Estate PlanningA properly-created estate plan can remove uncertainties you may have about the administration of your estate.

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Insurance Defense

Lewis & Wilkins - Insurance DefenseWe defend people, companies, and governments in litigation.   Our litigators represent entities in construction design defect matters and work to make sure the proper insurance coverage is applied to the client’s defense.

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courtroomWe represent businesses, individuals, insurance companies, and governments in civil litigation as both Plaintiff and Defendant.

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Personal Injury

Indianapolis Personal Injury AttorneyWhen a serious or catastrophic accident occurs, our legal professionals work with our clients to advise them on their legal recourse available to address the economic impact that often accompanies a tragic accident.

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Worker’s Compensation

Lewis & Wilkins - Work Injury FormOur worker’s compensation lawyers are seasoned and versed in the legal procedures and applicable law that governs the responsibilities and rights of employers and their employees in Indiana workers compensation cases.

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